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‘’Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.’’

As an age grouper triathlete, I wanted to open this personal website for myself. Unlike, Facebook or Instagram, I believe that having a personal website would be a better option to share my trainings and races with the world. I am just a regular guy who goes to a 08:30-17:30 job, and married, have one kid who also trains and creates time for sports.
I have been doing triathlon since 2015 but this is not the first time I started doing sports. I have a solid athletic background. I used to be a swimmer (Proud Breaststroker!) and I have practiced Muay Thai for couple of years.
The idea of doing triathlon came as the opportunity for me to stand against a regular life. I just don’t want to go to work, have lunch, dinner, watch TV and sleep. Life is beautiful and short.  I want to do extraordinary things. I want to see my capabilities. 
However, I have never thought about doing triathlon until I saw Ironman event that was going to be organized in Belek, Antalya in 2015. Then I thought, Hey! It is open to everyone! I was a swimmer and I can do this! 
Until that, the only thing I knew about triathlon is the word ‘’triathlon’’ itself, nothing more! The thing is, I am a determined person and if I want to do something, I work for it. 
I started doing researches about Ironman and Triathlon. I bought a bike, bought some tri stuffs and joined local races. Actually those were the races that made me Triathlon Addict! I wasn’t really good, I was so novice. I still am.
In fact, participant athletes were awesome and they were the real motivators for me. I have met a lot of nice people and still do!
I can say that 2015 was the year of my life! During my trainings (8 months), I travelled to couple of countries; I got married, spent my honeymoon and also moved to another apartment. So I had to skip a lot of trainings. When the race day arrived, I was so excited and at the end of the race, I was so sure that this is just the beginning. :) I consider it as an experience and I wanted to do more and I have decided to do full Ironman in Mallorca, Spain.
I have completed my first full Ironman in September 24, 2016. I became an Ironman in Mallorca. I was so proud of myself and it was an amazing moment when I was waving my country’s flag at the end of the race.
Now all my life is about trainings and races.
My goal is no longer to finish races. I want to finish them with good times and I want to improve myself as much as I can. I have one body, one life and I want to use it to the fullest! Follow my journey here! ;)
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