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Welcome to My Athletic Journey!


Hello, I'm Ahmet Kucukasci, a versatile athlete with a passion for triathlons, swimming, running, and conquering obstacle courses. My athletic odyssey began at the age of 7 with competitive swimming, later branching into Muay Thai before finding my stride in the world of triathlons.


From Holland to Ironman:

During an enriching year as an Erasmus student in Holland, I momentarily paused my sports journey, gaining valuable life lessons and a bit of weight. The regret fueled my comeback, and I immersed myself in Muay Thai until 2017.


Triathlon Epiphany:

In 2014, the decision to attempt an Ironman marked a turning point. What started as a one-time challenge evolved into a love affair with triathlons. Sprint, Olympic, half and full Ironman races followed, each contributing to my evolution as an athlete.


Overcoming Challenges:

Despite setbacks like a shoulder injury, I persevered. Shifting my race plans from Copenhagen to Bahrain, I finished Ironman Turkey and Bahrain 70.3 successfully in 2019 after only 2.5 months of training.


Spartan Spirit:

The year 2023 brought a new challenge – my first Spartan Beast Race in Zagreb. An unforgettable experience that redirected my focus towards pool swimming and Spartan competitions.


This Blog:

Join me on this dynamic journey! This blog will be a canvas for sharing experiences, race stories, and training insights. Expect a blend of triumphs, setbacks, and the joy of embracing a multifaceted athletic lifestyle.


Enjoy the Adventure:

Follow along as I navigate the twists and turns of being a dedicated athlete. Welcome to the community, where passion meets perseverance! 



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