Welcome to my page. My name is Ahmet Kucukasci.  I am an age group triathlete. I have been in sports since I was 7 years old. As most of the amateur athletes, I have stopped doing sports at some stages in my life. However, I kept coming back and live the life as I wanted to.

I have been a swimmer since I was 7 years old and continued competitive swimming until University. Then I had started practicing Muay Thai around 2005 or 2006. In 2007 I went to Holland as an Erasmus Student and lived there for a year. That’s the first time I had stopped doing sports in my life. This is one my biggest regrets. I gained more than 10 kilos in 1 year. After giving a break for 1.5 year, I returned to my Muay Thai trainings and practiced it till 2017. In 2014, I have decided to do an Ironman and I thought it was going to be a onetime challenge for me. Therefore, I kept training for triathlon and Muay Thai together. However, I didn’t know that triathlon would be such a great feeling. I have joined 2 races before Half Ironman race and in 2015 I finished my first Half Ironman race in Turkey. Then, I have decided to finish full Ironman, and finished my first Ironman 140.6 in Mallorca on September 24th, 2016. As for my second Full Ironman, I have completed Ironman Maastricht, Limburg in August 2017. Until that time, I have raced at many local races, open water races and running races. I was at my top physique but I knew that I have to work with a coach from now on. I knew about my capabilities and I knew that my potential is higher than that. I even saw podium in one of my open water swimming races at my age group. I have realized that it is time to stop training for Muay Thai and spend more time on triathlon trainings. It was also bad for the muscle group.

After I have started to work with a coach, who is also my friend, we aimed to race at Ironman Copenhagen in August 2019. We had more than 1 year to train and I was seeing great improvement on my performance. I even had my first podium finish at April Joke race (70.3 distance race) in Cyprus in 2019.  However, the week after the race I broke my shoulder at a sprint triathlon race in Alanya where I was also racing for podium in my age group. It was tough times for me and I had a surgery. I had to stop training until September.

All my plans were cancelled and I lost a lot of endurance/condition during that time. However, I had two more races in November and December: Ironman Turkey 70.3 and Ironman Bahrain 70.3. I had to shift my race from Copenhagen to Bahrain 70.3. Normally, it was not on my list. Then, in November, I finished Ironman Turkey and finished Ironman Bahrain 70.3 in 5 hours and 28 minutes. It was a very good time for me as I had trained only 2.5 months for it.

After that race, we were going to plan new season for me, but since January, we have been dealing with Covid-19. Most of the races are cancelled and it is unlikely that we will train freely outside and return to racing soon. 

I believe 2021 will be better and we all will come back stronger. Until that time I will keep working out at home and follow the measures to train outside.

So that's the story about my sports background and you will be witnessing the rest of the story on this blog.