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New Season New Goals

As of June 1st, we have started normalization period in Turkey. Restrictions on parks, beaches, pools, gyms have been lifted and I have returned to my normal training period. During these restrictions, I have gained a few weight, but I can say that I have increased my muscle mass, and I became more flexible. Thanks to my home workouts :)

I believe, If you are a triathlete, you should set a goal. If my goal was to be fit as much as I can be, I would do fitness/ home workout 3 times a week only :) However, I love triathlon and when there is no competition, when there is nothing to finish; there would not be any point to keep training for hours and hours.

Honestly, I am not planning at participating any triathlon race this year but I am preparing for an Ironman race in Italy next year in September. This is my long term goal. The race may change, but the month of the race will remain same.

Luckily, there are 2 races that haven't been cancelled yet and I have decided to set them as a goal for this year.

My first goal is to race at Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim Race in Istanbul which was postponed to 27th of August and to participate that race, I will swim 800 meters at the trials on 18th of July. For my swim workouts, I have returned to pool and open water swimming in the second week of July and last week, I had finished my first 800 meters test in 13' 34''. It was not a good result for me. My aim was to finish 800 meters in sub 13 minutes before Corona. I don't know how my speed will improve till 18th of July but I keep training. My swim training plan consist 2 times pool training and 1 open water swim training as a recovery after long runs on each Sunday. This may increase to 4 swim training from time to time.

My second goal is to run my first Marathon this year in Istanbul which is planned to be organized on 8th of August. Of course I ran 42.2km before, but I ran them during my Ironman races :) So, I consider this as the first marathon race for myself. I am training with my coach Oleg and I hope to finish this marathon in 3 hours. It is too early to set this as a goal now as most of my fitness level, Vo2Max and etc is dropped during quarantine. Now we are in preperation period and we will see how I will increase my fitness level in a month. Then it will be much easier to set a reasonable goal. We have decided sub 3 goal because of my fitness/training level before Covid, my coach will analyze it soon. Currently, I am far from this goal :) He told me that I should never skip any training especially during these times.

There is also another potential race for this year, but the dates are not certain yet. Most probably, they will be held in October. I am planning to race at Aquamasters Swimming Race. I don't know in which stroke I will race, but I will decide it together with my Swim Coach Taha. He told me that he is expecting me to race medley this year as an high-end swimmer. :) Maybe I will try 200 medley or 400 medley, and 100/200 breaststroke. :) We will see.

I don't know what the future will bring because of Covid, but I will train for these races this year. It will not matter, if quarantine will start again or not. What I believe, we have to set a goal to for our sport and keep training for that.

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