How I recover from my tuberculum majus fracture / humerus fracture - Shoulder Injury - Part 1

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

As you may have read from my previous post, I had a shoulder fracture that happened during bike section of a sprint race at the end of April. My doctor told me that I had tuberculum majus fracture. I had an operation on May 3rd. It was a successful operation that took almost 4 hours. When I left the operating room, I saw my family, my teammates and friends welcoming me at the gate. It was a nice moment. Nurses took me to my room and they were taking good care of me.

It was the first time, I had an operation and was wearing a sling like that. Doctor warned me that my arm should not touch my body so there was kind of pillow between my arm and my body. I had to wear it for 3 weeks. I really tried to take care of myself during that period. I minimized eating rice, bread, sugar and etc. I focused mostly on meat and vegetables. The nights were painful as I could not lie on my bed. I will never forget these days.. I could not wear my clothes by myself, I could not do the things easily, I wasn't even really clean. It was really boring. I was actually walking almost everyday. I did not take any public transport, I always used taxi. It could be very dangerous at Public Transport because people may not understand my pain or they would just ignore the fact that I was wearing sling..

During this 3 weeks, I tried to visit my coach and meet with my teammates. It was actually a nice feeling with them. I wasn't going to work and I have my free times. :) I even did some stretching exercises for my legs.

At the end of the 3 weeks, I paid a visit to my doctor. He removed the pillow on my sling, now I was only wearing a sling and he told me that I should not raise my arm to my side now :) I had to wear it for 3 weeks again. For my training, I was running slowly and doing some stretches during this period. I had the chance to see Istanbul as a tourist now. It was a nice feeling. However, I started to lose my eating habits and started to eat some desserts and nice kebabs :)

I also decided not race at Ironman Copenhagen as I will not be race-ready for full Ironman (I thought I could be but I began to face realities :( ).

Anyway, 3 weeks has passed with nice touristic Istanbul tour and I had to visit my doctor again. This time, he removed the sling completely. I was free now :) But I could not move my arm as I could in the past. He told me that the real struggle begins now. I did not know what to do. The physiotherapy center of the hospital was working from 9 am till 5 pm and I have to return to my job. I actually changed my company during this period. So it would be so hard to visit that center during day time. We knew a physiotherapist that gives that service at home so I arranged some sessions with him.

At the beginning, I took these sessions almost everyday. It was nice to see some developments on my shoulder. He applied

  • Cold temper with Compex for 20 minutes,

  • Manuel therapy,

  • Codman Excercises,

  • Scapular Mobilization.

  • and other exercises that I do not remember their names :)

He was trying to open my joints. I have also visited my surgeon during this period.

Anyway, one month after physiotherapy, my doctor told me that I no longer need to visit her. However, I knew there was something wrong because I could not raise my arm as I should. It doesn't make any sense. The problem was I wasn't using my shoulder muscles to raise my arms I was raising it with the help of scapula muscle which would definitely cause more problems in the future. I wasn't using my shoulder muscles.

Below photo shows my struggle when I raise my arm. During my visit at doctor it was almost 180 degrees but I was really struggling with it.

During this period I tried few swimming sessions as well as some push ups and some strength exercises.

After my physiotherapy doctor told me that I no longer need to visit her, I was pissed off and I have also decided to leave my physiotherapist and moved to a new center. It was actually not nice to have physiotherapy at home conditions. It was okay at the beginning, but it could not help me to move any further. I have decided to go to another physiotherapy center which has good conditions and more physiotherapists.

So to summarize my injury period

28th of April: Had an accident

5th of May: Had a surgery

18th of June: Physiotherapy at home begins

26th of July: Physiotherapy doctor told me I no longer need to visit her.

31st of July: I was applied a test at my new Physiotherapy Center

2nd of August: Second period of my physiotherapy sessions begins.. and so the changes in my eating habits!

I will comeback stronger :)

This will be followed in the part 2 of this article as I am still having physiotherapy at this center and I hope to finish it successfully in September. :)

In the meantime, I will bike and run :)

For those who are suffering from injury I would like to let them know that

  • Never have negative minds,

  • Always remain positive,

  • Enjoy your free times.. Definitely!!!

  • Remember that you will need to start over,

  • Forget how strong you were..

  • Try to maintain eating healthy, but do not back yourself much! So you can have a nice before and after photos later.. There is no problem on gaining weights (I am working on my body now :) ) I just do not eat junk food, maybe a very very very little. You might see difference at the end of this year :)

  • Trust the process!

  • You will comeback stronger!!

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