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Race Report - Alanya Sprint Triathlon (Shoulder Fracture)

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

I had a race at Alanya Sprint Triathlon 2 weeks ago. It was the first federation race of the season. It had a big importance for me. Lots of challenging athletes were competing including in my age group. I could be at maximum 2nd in my age group. I knew it. I had to be at the maximum speed at swimming and give all myself during bike and with a strong run at the end, it would be no surprise to see podium finish.

The race has started at 10:00am in the morning, I was aiming to finish 800 meters of swimming under 13 minutes. Unfortunately someone touched my leg and I lost my chip, I had to check and see where it was and lost more than 1 minute in the 400th meter. I couldn't find my chip. I left the water in 14 minutes. I was so fast at the transition probably my fastest T1 like 30 seconds.

Anyway I started cycling and looking to catch a nice group, I was cycling around 35km/hr. I cought a nice group (3 people) and started cycling with them at the 8th or 9th km and 7 or 8 cyclists hit each other. We cycling with 40km/hour.

I fall down and couldn't breath I was like jumping and trying to breath. Security and other cyclists carried me next to the road. I wanted to continue, I still didnt believe the fact that I had an accident. My arm was in pain and my chest was burning. They took me to the hospital along with another cyclist. My back wheel and gear was broken.

I didn't know that my shoulder is broken until x ray result. I was so sure that I will heal quickly but I was sad inside.

I am back to Istanbul now and had a surgery. I will give you the details in my next post.

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