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Race Report - Aquamasters Marmaris 6k

After racing at Didim Sprint Triathlon, now it was time to race at Aquamasters 6k Open Water Race in Marmaris. It took place on Friday at 28th of May.

We have arrived to Marmaris on 24th of May and stayed at Elegance Hotels. The hotel was about 5 km to the race area. It was a good opportunity for family vacation and the weather was great! It was a bit disappointing when I couldn't stay at the race hotel, but I was glad that we stayed at Elegance hotels instead of the Race Hotel.

I was planning to ride my bike during this trip, but unfortunately, I didn't have time to train. I have only ride it to the exhibition area at Martı Resort hotel for taking my race kit. I went to the race hotel early in the morning on 27th. Although it was a very big holiday village, it seems like that the hotel needs an extensive renovation. My friends weren’t happy with the hotel and they didn't like the food. Anyway, it was nice a short ride for me and the view was great. I owe Marmaris a nice good bike ride :)

My race was going to start at 8:30am on Friday. I had a nice and balanced dinner on Thursday night. I had pasta, meat, soda and some salad. I went to bed early also. While I leave the restaurant, I also informed the hotel about my early breakfast. They told me that they are going to prepare it for me.

I woke up at 5.45am and got my breakfast. It was just a little sandwich and it didn’t meet my request. Fortunately, I took some food with me the day before and I ate it in the morning. I had some nuts, honey and tea. I left the hotel around 7.30am and reached to the event area in 10 minutes.

I have met with my friends and took my swim buoy. Wearing a swim buoy was mandatory for 6k athletes.

The race started at 9am. In each 15 seconds 5 swimmers have started. I think it was a good start for me. The only thing is I didn’t start with the leading group.

Like 5 or 10 minutes after the start of the race, the chip on my left food dropped down, but I caught it immediately and wore it again. I have practiced everything I learned from my practices. I was looking forward in every 2 strokes since the yellow sign was a bit far. When I could start to sea the signs clearly, I increased my stroke to 6.

It was a nice swim until the 1st turn since I passed many swimmers. The 1st point was around after 1km. After that 1st turn, I swam almost alone until the last 1.5km of the race. I didn’t feel any cold, but it was 2 laps of swimming. During the race, I saw two swimmers freezing inside the water, it wasn’t that cold but when you stay in the water for longer hours, you may feel cold. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good swimmer or not. I think it is mostly about experience and get your body used to it. I have started taking cold shower one month before the race.

I didn't know whether I was behind or a leading swimmer. I was all alone and couldn’t pace myself until the last 1.5km of the race. I was thinking about this race as a long distance triathlon race so I had the feeling of keeping my strength. I shouldn’t have done it. It was a big mistake. I should have

swim faster like it was a sprint race. Actually, the most fun part of the race was started in the last 1.5km, I swam with another swimmer and I literally got faster and I felt like a pro. I wish I could watch it :) It was all about swimming in the right direction while keeping the fast pace. I felt how leading pro swimmer feels while following by a group. In the last 300-400meters, I really got faster and the distance between my opponent got longer.

In the end, I finished it at 1:49. I didn’t wear any wetsuit, I only had a long swimwear. Most of the swimmers had a wetsuit. I learned my mistake and I felt I could have swim it with around 1:30-1:35 pace.

I really enjoyed it. I look forward to race at the second race in Gocek and I hope to see podium finish in my age group.

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