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Bike Focused - Block Training Week 1

This week was kind a tough week for me as my coach has decided to take advantage of off season/pre season and applied block training for us. There are many definitions of block training on the internet and honestly, it is the first time that I applied block training week to my schedule. I used to think that I could be a better cyclist, swimmer or runner, but as I try to do all of them in one week (also i have to go to a job and take care of my family!), I did not want to skip a session on any of these sports. I used to think about doing it before, but I had the feeling that I will not be able to successful at it.

The first week has started with a bike-focused week. I aimed to increase my aerobic capacity and bike strength during these sessions. I did all of these sessions on a trainer

Weekly Summary


Introduction workout and I had 1 hour interval

20 min warm up

4* (30 sec max, 1 min recovery)

20* (30 sec super max, 30 sec recovery)

14 min cool down.

I was a good exercise as my HR has reached to 180s during the super max sessions.


Hill repeats.

10 min warm up

6*(6 min hard, 4 min easy)

10 min cool down


1 hour active recovery ride



20 min warm up,

2*(4*1 min max 2 min easy, 10 min hard=race pace)

10 min cool down


1 hour active recovery


It was supposed to be a 3 hours of cycling followed by a 45 minutes running, but it was raining heavily so

30 min warm up

2*(30 min hard) 5 min recovery

10 min warm up


15km of running followed by a 2km of recovery swimming.

I only didn't go to pool on Sunday as the pool was closed.

Now, while writing this post, I feel a lot better and I don't think I lost much both on running and swimming.

I feel like I have overloaded my cycling muscles and I am ready for harder sessions.

Tomorrow, run focused block training will start. Let's see how it will go.

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