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Run focused - Block Training Week

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Last week I have my second period of block training period with my coach and it was running. I had the chance to train like a semi-pro again :) of course runners train longer, but I am doing my trainings between my work life balance. When life, I mean house baby wife :) and job 😶 Anyway, I was in Wien last week so I started my first training in Wien.. Yay! Monday was an introduction run for an hour. So I went out to run after I reached my hotel. The weather was so cold and it was snowing. I didn't care. I had the opportunity to cross over Tuna River for the first time.

Tuesday was an interval running. 20 minutes warm up

4*(30" fast 1'slow down)

5*(4' fast 2' easy)

10 minutes cool down. Wednesday was a jog for an hour. Thursday

It was a cross run with some repetitions at the end.

50' cross run

10*(30" fast 30" easy) Friday was an hour jog.


20' warm up

4*(30" fast 1' slow) repetitions

15*(45" max 1' slow)

10' cool down


Long run for 18km. I actually ran pretty well. Ran only 17km but in 1.5 hours with average pace of. the elevation gain is I felt pretty good after my run. It is now time to run a bit faster my long runs and make that pace my slow pace. ;) So the second block week has been completed.

On 27th I ll have a 5k test with a bit of elevation. My PB was 20.20 for a 5K let s see what will it be now! :)

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