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How do I cope with COVID-19? Is it time to plan 2021 races?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It has been a month since I have started working from home. I loved working from home, but I am sad about missing races and outdoor training especially swimming.

On the first couple of days during quarantine, I kinda followed the same eating habits and same cheat days :) But I adapted myself to this new life quickly since I had to live similar type of life when I was injured last year. (you may check my previous blog posts) I compare this situation with the last year and I am in a way better position now. At least, I can train indoors :) I know, I have to accept the fact that pools are closed and group runs/rides are forbidden and not safe.

During this process, I decided to change my long-term and short-term goals. I focus mostly on the process rather my progress in the long-term. I have my weekly goals and I try to follow them. It is like a new off-season for me. So, I have decided to increase my mobility and strength during this time. I set some goals and try to develop them. I set 3 goals for this period,

1. I will have more flexibility and mobility

2. I will have 6 packs, at least 4 packs haha :)

3. I will be able to do 100 push-ups (Cross Fingers!)

My first goal is to develop my Flexibility and Mobility, I try to do these exercises weekly and I do not force myself too much. As my shoulder require some mobility and stretching exercises, now I am able to do them more freely and cleverly. I have seen great improvement on my shoulder during this process. However, I look forward to visit my physiotherapist when all is this over :)

I also focus on my legs for stretching. I try to do leg split exercises frequently. I know that, even I may not achieve it fully, I will certainly be more flexible after a month. It will worth when I fully return to my training period. I might update this post with before- after photo in a month. Below photo represents the ''Before'' :)

This is my maximum split. It is not much, but it will be different in couple of weeks.

My second goal is to have packs on my abs :) It will be either 4 or 5 packs. Normally I do not focus on having 4-6 packs during my regular training period. I focus on strong core, but I do not try to develop them. Since I have started to focus on it, I have seen some improvement. I am on my second week and I already have 2 packs ;). It is a big success considering the fact that I am only at home and train 1-1.5 hours a day only. I look forward to share my photo afterwards. :)

My third goal is to reach high number of push ups. Since I recovered from my shoulder injury, I couldn't improve my push ups as I was able to do. I could even do 15 one-hand push up :( Now it is time to get back what is mine :) I follow the schedule on for regular push ups. But I split them into weeks. I do not follow it regularly. For example if I followed a schedule for a day, I do push up variations on my second training. I love diamond push ups and I believe it is better for muscle gain. My maximum push up count was 20 (of course I can reach 100 with breaks but I do not want it). Now I can do more than 30 push ups. I am excited to reach my maximum and be able to do one hand push ups again.

Basically, I try to combine my motivation and goals in line. There is no point to work on long-term Personal Best goals but my short term goals will help me to reach my personal bests comfortably. There is no point for me to ride my indoor bike for 2-3 hours. 1 hour max is enough.

I also quit about worrying for the future. I accept the fact that we will stay at home as long as possible and it is for the best.

I now focus on my 2021 goals and I really want to race full Ironman next year. I want to finish the race with a good time.

I take this year as an opportunity to develop where I never had the chance or neglected. I trust and enjoy the process. I know that we all will comeback stronger!

An Iron Man should have an Iron Mentality!


My Update for this blog post!

I have improved a lot during quarantine. I didn't achieve my goals %100 but I am better than ever.

For stretching my feets could not even pass the plates mat, now I am able to do a better stretch. For my abs goals, I now have a more flat abs. I keep my two packs but my abs are in better shape now.

For my push up goals, I couldn't reach 100 push ups, but now I can do 45 push ups!

I am sure that I could achieve more, but it s a reality that we stayed home during these days, and while I workout 1-1.5 hours, I was mostly sitting or sleeping at the other 22-23 hours.

Now it is time to combine these with swim bike and run. I am more flexible, and stronger now. I will never skip my stretches after my workouts. I am sure they will have greater effects on my training.

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